Testimonials- Hazel



Adam S – Business Manager, Musician

Rich was the first person to give me acupuncture. Before that, I was terrified of needles, and skeptical of how it could help. He was very calm and confident, which aleviated my fears. Now I go on a regular basis, and it helps every time.
I have seen other acupuncturists, but Rich is the only one who always resolves my issue.
Rich has helped me with a broad range of issues. He has resolved my digestive issues, sleeplessness, and severe back pain.

Whenever Rich gives me a treatment, he seeks feedback to make sure his treatment worked. It gives me peace of mind knowing how passionate he is about his work. Luckily for both of us, his precision always leads to positive feedback.
While Rich has resolved some serious digestive issues for me in the past, I was most impressed with his ability to extend my range of motion during a severe back and neck cramp. I could barely move, and was always in pain. Before Rich, I had seen another acupuncturist who only helped a little. It was only Rich who was able to pinpoint the problem and use his forward-thinking technique to remedy my muscle related issue.

Bobby Puleo – Professional Skateboarder

I was having excruciating and radiating pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. Upon consulting Richard he immediately provided with a sense of hope that I didn’t need to be in the type of pain I was dealing with. From the very beginning Richard provided me with the reassurance and emotional support that allowed me to let go of the pain while under his accommodative and attentive care. Richard’s overall understanding of the human anatomy and the human organism is unprecedented. Just talking to him alone is therapeutic. His treatments of a combination of cupping, motor needling and traditional Chinese medicinal acupuncture allowed me to return to work and to return to being myself again.


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