Policies & Guidelines


ROOM AVAILABILITY: Rooms and waiting area are only available 10 minutes before and after scheduled time for setup and clean-up.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 3F Studios does its best to make the availability calendar as up-to-date as possible. Last minute cancellations tie up the rooms for other potential renters. Due to this we have a standing cancellation policy to help keep our renters accountable for their bookings. Please confirm with your clients before filling out a rental request form and do keep in mind that we are happy to make adjustments and move bookings if needed. See your agreement for specific terms. Estimates below.

within 24 hours of booking time – Cancellation Fee equal to amount of rental.

Notice given to 3F Refund Amount Cancellation Fee
4 weeks or more Full booking fee $0
w/in 2 weeks 80% 20% of rental rate
less than 1 week 65% 35% of rental rate

ETIQUETTE: Please return room to its original condition for next session. If you are the last person in the space for the rest of the evening, you should make sure of the following:

Lights, fans, A/C or heat, stereos are turned off and candles are out.
All windows in the space are closed.
Wrap up the garbage and tie up if full. (Mon-Wed-Fri are garbage night and bags can be left out front.)
Door is closed fully and locked.

STORAGE: Storage in the space is limited. Please ask before leaving anything. We are not responsible for the loss, damage or misplacement of any item left in the space.

CANDLES, SMOKING, & INCENSE: Please refrain from these for fire code reason. Use Electric or Battery Operated.

SOUND: When studio is in use, please avoid conversations in the waiting area.

The use of toning or loud vocal expression, as well as the use of drums, gongs, and other instruments is permitted during sessions and classes when the intention is for healing. It will be assumed that the “noise” that will result from such activities will be intermittent and not for prolong periods.

KITCHEN AREA: Water, Hot Water, Tea, Coffee and some snack items are provided in the waiting area. Coffee cups are $1 a brew with the Keurig machine. Please wash, dry, and neatly put everything away. Please feel free to use the refrigerator and throw away any perishable items.

CARDS, BROCHURES & FLYERS: Regular space users can leave their cards and brochures in the waiting area of the space, subject to prior approval. Space for flyers is primarily reserved for events that are happening in the space. We reserve the right to manage the placement, arrangement, and removal of all cards, brochures, flyers, and other materials left in the waiting area and to discard any items, at our sole discretion and without notice.

Consistent Practitioners – $50 Security and Key Deposit
Single Workshop Rentals – $160 Security and Key Deposit (3hr or longer)

The user may pick up the key (2) two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop. Keys will be kept with you if you are a regular user or left at the end of the scheduled event. Deposits will be returned within (2) weeks of the key return, minus any damage expenses. All security deposits are refundable when you choose to no longer rent from 3F Studios.

LOSS AND DAMAGE OF PROPERTY: You are responsible for any loss or damage to the space and its contents due to any aspect of your activity or conduct during the time that you are using it. You are also responsible for any loss or damage to the space and its contents due to the activity or conduct of anyone that you invite into the space. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to bodywork tables, furnishings, clock, music player, rugs, floors, doors, and walls (including marks left by tacks, pens or tape). Under no circumstances should anything be affixed to the walls by nails, tacks, tape or any other agent, without permission of the space manager. You will be expected to pay for the replacement or repair of anything you are responsible for losing or damaging. If damage occurs during your use of the space, it is your responsibility to inform 3F Studios.

LIMITATIONS ON LIABILITY: The sole purpose of this agreement is to clearly define the relationship between 3F Studios and you, as our guest, in use of our space. We are in no way responsible for any aspect of your relationship(s), activities or conduct with any other persons you work with, interact with or invite into our space.

Please note: you are advised to have your own professional liability insurance and by checking the box in your rental request you hereby indemnify and hold harmless the 3F Studios LLC principles. Renter takes personal and financial responsibility for any liability issues arising due to his and/or his clients or associates use of 3F Studios.

POLICY CHANGES: We reserve the right to add, delete or make changes to any and all of the above-listed policies at any time and notify you accordingly.

ACTIVITY: Users will use the space for treatment and will not engage in any full on sexual activity or inappropriate behavior that is in violation of NY State and NY City regulations.